I realize, Valentine’s Day will have already passed by the time you read this, but I have a “sweet” story to tell.

Last week, on a cold and snowy day, I took a walk along Pier 8 to Pier 4. I was having a little chat with myself, saying how I did not really believe in the concept of Valentine’s Day, but wondering if I should do a story about it anyway. When all of a sudden I noticed my boot lace had come undone, as I bent down to retie it, I saw a chocolate covered heart, lying on the path. A sign perhaps?

I moved it to the snow bank, and here is the photo.

As I remember this event, and the awe and overwhelming feeling of love, which swirled around me, I realized I was acting like a Christmas Grinch. I’m not sure what finding this red foil covered chocolate meant, but I know I just want to wish you and your families and all your loved ones, a truly wonderful time, on February 14th. Of course, I left the chocolate there, for others to find.