I moved to First Place at the corner of Kings St. East and Wellington St. in early August, 2022. I had to move from the McQuesten neighbourhood as my place was being torn down for a new subdivision.

Exploring the many streets and alleyways of the area has been an adventure. I have been amazed at all the street art, the amazing architecture, the gardens and the many small parks. I have found that this neighborhood has the friendliness of people. Most are more than happy to stop and chat with you, especially if you are admiring their garden or their funky car.
I was struck by the amount of homelessness and poverty in the area. I am so impressed with the many churches and agencies that are helping our less fortunate neighbours. I must give kudos to St. Patrick Church on King St. E. and Victoria as well as the Kingsway at 390 King William St. The daily line-ups at St. Patrick’s are a sad commentary to the desperate situation of the times we live in. I occasionally do go over and say hello to those standing in line. I like to hear their stories, how they are managing, are they safe and often times we have a hearty laugh.
By accident on one of my walking adventures I found the Kingsway. They have a food bank Monday through to Thursday; hours are 10:30 to 12:30 and 1:00 to 3:00, you can attend once a week. Much to my surprise and delight I met some former neighbours who volunteer. It was a happy event embracing each other (I know, I know COVID protocols). I will certainly be stopping over perhaps to volunteer.

I volunteer weekly at Ferguson Station with Parkview Church. On Wednesday evenings we hand out groceries and a warm container of stew, pasta, soup or whatever they have prepared for the day. This week there was a very large number of participants. There are 3 or 4 Christian organizations present with some handing out clothes, preparing hot meals and yummy large pieces of cake.
Parkview Church goes to Birch and Barton on Wednesday evenings around 9:30 p.m. to hand out groceries. I am sure they need volunteers to help set-up and hand out the groceries. If you are interested in helping you could pop over on a Wednesday evening around 9:30 and ask for Brother John. GALA has certainly opened the doors for me to be of service and I love every minute.