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A bit of background on how and why the Gibson and Landsdale Community Planning Team was born…..

In 2012, Hamilton Community Foundation formed the neighbourhood “hubs”. There were eleven hubs identified as needing support to break the cycle of poverty. The Foundation offered support in the form of Community Developers to connect the residents to services and community partners. The Gibson neighbourhood had no representation and leadership groups in the Landsdale neighbourhood had dissolved. They were two of the smallest neighbourhoods, they were similar in demographics and population and neither were represented by a planning team.

So we came together, a small group that wanted better, and formed The Gibson and Landsdale Community Planning Team (GALA). There were a lot of ideas floated around, forms to be drawn up and revised (many times), and we presented our plans to the City in 2015. We were accepted and ready to start working with the residents to fulfill their wishes. Some were successful and others served their purpose and were completed. Others failed, which happens.

In 2020 when the pandemic hit, our membership had fallen and we didn’t have leads to carry on and we went on hiatus. I’m a firm believer in the benefits of community; people working together to accomplish the goals we all have for a healthier, thriving neighbourhood. My dream is to bring the community together, identify the needs, research how to accomplish it and make it happen.
Our neighbourhoods have a diverse population that encompasses several nationalities. We have residents that have lived, raised their families and watched their neighbourhood change over the past 60 years. That’s our history. We have a whole new generation moving in that need and want to build a neighbourhood they can raise their families in and grow old. That is our future.
We’d like your thoughts. We plan to create a survey and identify if you, the residents, feel the same way. Over the next few months, we’ll be looking for your ideas and working with Neighbourhood Development to take the next steps. Please send your questions, your ideas and your dreams to us at