By Brenda Duke

As I’ve mentioned and I’m sure you’ve noticed around our neighbourhoods, we have many pockets of beauty. In the area between Birch Avenue and Wentworth Street, we maintain 15 pollinator gardens. All of these need some spring love so we can enjoy their summer beauty.

Birch Avenue Greenspace: 5 gardens
Powell Park: 3 gardens
Woodlands Park: 7 gardens

We are already seeing valiant little blooms popping through in the Greenspace and the weeds aren’t far behind. Some need more help than others. Woodlands gardens suffered a lot of damage during the encampment phase but the roots and seeds are buried there and ready to come through with some encouragement. The gardens at Powell Park are mature and just need to be cleaned up.

We need volunteers to help do that. It’s amazing what can be done in an hour or two. Please contact me at if you’d like to join our garden team.