By Tanya B

Bad Breed is a band that has blended sounds of hard garage rock, heavy beats with 1960s style R and B, A Duo that has a message to groove a hype audience. They would describe their sound as an eclectic fuse of funk, rock, and soul with musical influences such as James Brown, The Stooges, and Celia Cruz.

The lead singer, Mike Gribben, described that their core current band includes Mike on vocals, and Maylin Ortega on bass and vocals, with other members that are collaborations. Past musical collaborators include Katherine Wilson (vocals), Oscar Tang (guitar) Grasshopper (guitar).

They originally formed in 2014 in Toronto and are hoping to reach out to larger audiences in the greater Toronto and Hamilton areas (GTHA) by playing

live performances and outdoor festivals near you.

Check out the band on Instagram = Badbreed band