by Candy Venning

What to do about it?

First thought; build a community waterslide ….ummm…wait, as great as that sounds someone is bound to get a little too enthusiastic and hurt themselves, so try these suggestions instead.

1) Find a tree down by the water in Bayfront park – bring a friend and play cards, Scrabble or just flop around on a blanket in the shade. Add extra delight by bringing a mister/spray bottle filled with simple water to douse your brow – the breeze will tickle the temperature down across your dewy skin plus you’ll look fabulous. (a breeze will help control any evening mosquitos too) While there, take a moment to tell your councillor how much you love our cities greenspaces & how valuable our waterfront is as well as clean, swimmable, lake water – no more ‘Sewergates’ please!

2) Plant a native tree – this is a long term plan but so worth it – ideally you would plant it in the fall but if you’re around this summer to consiostently water it – you can plant it now – it just won’t grow much until next year. Can’t plant? – take a bucket or 7 of water to your favourite neighbourhood tree – she needs a drink and you’ll feel good about it. Write to the excellent folks at Environment Hamilton and tell them you’d like to be on their list to plant trees next spring or this fall.

3) Make popsicles with fruit juice and or herbs with chunks of your favourite fruits – even if you have no kiddoes. Or pack frozen homemade lemonade or iced tea into a cooler and head to the local park to rest under a tree with your favourite book, a set of paints or a sketchbook – carve out this opportunity to do something you wish you had more time for.

4) Place a shallow platter or birdbath of water out for birds (Carefully away from from neighbourhood cats – on a pedestal or away from bushes) – Not just birds, but also bees, butterflies and dragonflies will come for a sip or dip (a few shells, pebbles or your marble collection scattered in it will ensure the smallest creatures can sip safely). As you are observing – download the free Merlin app – use the ‘listen’ ID option to let the app pick out bird songs – almost magical and one of the best apps ever invented – you can now ‘collect’ birds all over Ontario and keep a list.

5) Close the blinds / close your curtains and or become entirely nocturnal 😉 If you are super sensitive and have AC, Stay inside and write an e-mail; to your local councillor telling them how you’d love to see the city plant more trees and curb the addition of new front parking pads (which is eliminating new street trees) No AC?– head to Central Library and chill, literally, while using their WiFi to thank your councillor for continuing to fund the library and encouraging them to plant more trees to keep the city streets cool.