By Linda Benson

The summer started off with hot and humid weather, and I suspect there is much hotter weather to come. If you are need of cooling off, the City run pool, at Birge Park is open. This is a wonderful addition to our neighbourhood, children & adults seem to enjoy visiting on a daily basis. It’s hard to believe that this park had its grand opening in 2016. Of course we could not use it for the past couple of years due to the pandemic, I am happy to see it being well used today. Hopefully, the splash pad will be completed this year, at Woodlands Park too.

Depave Paradise is busy once again. This is a joint venture between Green Communities Canada and Green Venture. Green Venture has partnered with the city of Hamilton and the Barton Village BIA. Their latest location is on the Corner of Emerald and Barton (as of July 16 2022) at the side of Hello Baked. The pavement was torn up and an eco-friendly garden planted. This project has been made possible through capital funds from the Ward 3 office and support from the Canada Community Revitalization Fund. Volunteers assist in the planting and maintenance of the gardens.
SASHA alongside SWAP organized a vigil, collected funds and held a march on 15th July. This took place in the alley between Emerald Street & Oak Avenue, at Barton. This was to pay respect and support the sex worker who was brutally attacked a few weeks ago. Her mother gave a compassionate speech and thanked the community for their support during this difficult time. Donations made will enable her to stay in Hamilton accommodations during the rehabilitation of her daughter.

The march, from the alley, travelled along Barton Street to the support headquarters close to Lotteridge. I must admit our Police officers did a fabulous job of keeping us all safe and out of harm’s way, as we marched along Barton Street.

ELECTION TIME – a word about the upcoming Municipal Election. This is happening on Monday October 24th. A new Mayor and Ward Councilor will be elected.
I’d like to see many, especially in our lower city wards, get out and vote. With all the challenges we face, especially in our Ward 3, we need to thoroughly research who we would like to be our voice and represent our communities. There are many issues in our wards at present, which need attention. I am not here to promote any one candidate, however I implore you to do your due diligence, check your ward candidates out, see what their agenda is and compare to your own.

Some of the issues, the LRT (light rail transit), although not specifically a Gibson Landsdale issue, there could be a runoff from displaced businesses and/or social organizations, into our area. Also we have dire issues in homelessness, community outreach & support, senior programs, child care & affordable housing.

Hopefully, in the future editions I can expand on what is happening with the projects at St. Matthews House & Helping Hands on Barton Street.
In the meantime, stay cool & enjoy the rest of summer.