by Tanya B.

Prints and embroidery and all the specialized taglines can create a positive work environment. Welcome to Hamilton Sports Wear located at 727 Barton Street East.

A community staple owned by Husband and wife team Lorne and Jane Best. They have a wide range of products that includes a variety of sports, company, and hobby uniforms. Local customers admire the mom-and-pop shop feel that includes old-school prices and friendly service.

I talked to some locals about what makes Hamilton sportswear a neighborhood gem…The responses include being down-to-earth, custom designing, and off-the-rack deals.

Other successful antidotes include good customer service, client engagement, and community awareness.

Why should you shop here?  It is a small business – owned and operated, with great quality merchandise and affordable prices.

Contact Hamilton Sportswear for all your organization or companies needs and follow them on Facebook and Instagram