Editor’s Note: we solicited profiles from each candidate but not all responded. We have made every effort to include the names and whatever contact info we have access to. To check updated information, please visit the City of Hamilton’s website Nominated Candidates | City of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

2022 Candidates, Mayor, Ward 3 Councilor and School Trustee

Mayor (Not all candidates had web sites at the time of writing)

Keanin Loomis https://voteloomis.ca

Ejaz Butt

Bob Bratina

Andrea Horwath https://www.andrea4hamilton.ca

Hamilton has always been more than my hometown – it’s been my source of passion and pride, my inspiration. I’ve spent my life working on behalf of Hamiltonians, whether that’s been at the legal aid clinic in the east end, on city council, or at Queen’s Park. Grays Road in Stoney Creek is the place where I grew up, McMaster is where I attended university, and downtown is where I raised my son. For me home is, and always has been, Hamilton. Hamiltonians are full of determination and grit. Our city is made up of people who care about one another, and who are dedicated to making our hometown a safe, healthy, and thriving place for all. In Hamilton, we don’t stop working until the job is done. My commitment to you is to be a mayor for all Hamiltonians – no matter where you live or when you made our city home, no matter your political stripe, and no matter your circumstances. I love this city, and together I know that we will continue to make it a great place to live, to achieve, to raise a family and to grow old.

Solomon Ikhuiwu

Paul Fromm

Hermiz Ishaya

Robin Mckee


Ward 3 Councilor Candidates

Michael Falletta mike4ward3@protonmail.com

My entire childhood was spent in Ward 3 (mostly the north end). I went to Tweedsmuir middle school (Now demolished), rented video games from Blockbuster Video on Barton, played street hockey on West Avenue, went swimming at Norman Pinky Lewis, and had my bicycle stolen more times than I can count on one hand. I climbed the Wentworth stairs for exercise, and considered Gage park to be the capital of all parks! My roots are in Ward 3.

I then obtained a law and security diploma from Mohawk College, joined the Canada Revenue Agency as a rank and file employee (10 + years), and moved out of the ward as my economic and social situation improved.

It is now perfectly clear to me: Young people who grow up in the ward and have the means to leave do so because the economic and social conditions of the ward are not good enough to keep them here. This paradoxically results in a drain of talent, entrepreneurship, political will, and good citizenship which are the things needed to help improve the ward!

I am not a career politician. I’m also a late nomination (August 16). I am however, emotionally invested in the outcomes of the ward which is my source of inspiration and motivation. When in office, I will have access to City resources and have a small staff to help me, and with all my might and vigor, direct and prioritize initiatives for ward improvements while keeping an open channel with the community.

I implore all residents to write me about anything and everything about their experiences in ward 3. I will use this to formalize a platform and vision that accurately represents the ward. Website is expected by end of August.

Join the community on reddit! /r/mike4ward3 and lend your weight to engagements that matter most to you!

Laura Farr info@laurafarr.c

Laura’s first job with the City of Hamilton was as a Community Sports Organizer at Norman “Pinky” Lewis Recreation Centre running the After School Kids Program, and teaching Dance, Cheer, Drama, Pilates, and organizing weekly movie nights every Friday. From there, she started covering Councillor’s Reception at City Hall, and then working closely with many different councillors, the Mayor and the City Manager in over a decade of service at City Hall, including 4 years as the Executive Assistant to the Mayor, Laura understands the ins and outs of both Council and City Management, and knows who to contact to get things done. Laura’s record was to ensure that there was constant communication and accountability through the Council office, and she has a proven record of doing her utmost to help resolve issues and listening to residents. She has translated that into working within the Public Service for the Federal Government – still finding solutions that might not fit in the box. Laura has a long history of being deeply ingrained and involved in her community. Whether it is helping her neighbours with navigating City Hall services, being the publisher of the local Gibson and Lansdale Community Planning Team community newspaper The Herald, or bringing together Hamiltonians and City staff  to accomplish uncommon projects she has always established herself within her community. She has lived in Landsdale since 2011, and is involved with the Gibson Lansdale Community Planning Team, and the Core Kids After School Program, the Cathy Wever Parent Council, HWDSB Parent Involvement Committee as well as many other community groups and events such as the Barton Service Provider Group. She is also a member of the Rotary Club of Hamilton. Laura is running for Council again because our ward has seen an increase in crime, terrible road and safety conditions and our community deserves someone that can get things done. 

Walter Furlan walterforward3@gmail.com

I’m a lifelong Hamiltonian and former steelworker for 30 years. I did my BA in Labour Studies at Mac part-time while working in the mill. I graduated from the renowned Willowbank School of Restoration Arts in 2012. I’ve operated Furlan Conservation on Barton since 2013, growing it into a nationally relevant heritage firm. We’ve worked across Ontario, in New York state and as far away as Bonavista, Nfld. My wife Liz and I live above our shops. I’m a volunteer woodworking instructor to special needs participants of LUSO and am on the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario’s committee on window conservation. I was a contributor to the Sherman Hub. I was chair of the City’s Cycling Committee and member of the Heritage Advisory Committee. I’ve presented at local, provincial and national heritage events. I am non partisan. I’m not beholden to any political party. I will have an office in Ward 3. I will call you back. I will stand up for the people and families of Ward 3. Visit my campaign office at 769 Barton Street East or wave me over when you see me driving around in my 1953 GMC pick-up truck, made in Oshawa with high grade Hamilton steel, I’d love to chat.

Nrinder Nann info@ourward3.ca

It has been an honour to serve as your Ward 3 City Councilor since 2018. Together we have accomplished so much to improve street safety and accessibility, make our neighbourhood parks better, and care for the collective health of our communities. Hamilton is at a turning point. The choices we make over the next four years will impact generations to come. I share your disappointment and concern with the lack of transparency and poor decorum at City Council. I will continue to uphold the integrity of public office and openly share information to strengthen trust and confidence. With my background in community building and my experienced office team, I am ready to: 

  • Continue investing in our roads, parks, facilities and infrastructure 

  • Ensure future development in our neighbourhoods deliver affordable and adequate housing

  • Deliver better transit for all by eliminating the unfair Area-Rated Transit funding formula and prioritizing community benefits through the LRT

  • Transform our industrial sector to a cleaner, greener one

  • Champion robust resident engagement to inform city services and operations.

Over the coming weeks, I look forward to speaking with you at your door and in our neighbourhoods. You can also reach me by phone at (289) 454-4160 or through my website at www.ourward3.ca.


English Public School Trustee

Fatima Baig 647-410-1400

Maria Felix Miller mfelix.miller@gmail.com

Hello GALA neighbours! I am excited and honoured to be once again running for the position of Public School Board Trustee in this year’s municipal elections. As the current HWDSB Trustee, a mother of three school-aged children, and a resident of our amazing Ward 3, I have made it my mission to be available and visible across a variety of communities in our ward. In addition to supporting many important initiatives at Cathy Wever, Prince of Wales, and Bernie Custis schools, I also sit on many committees at the board table and serve as the current student trustee mentor. I work hard to make sure students, parents, and other constituents feel connected to their local school communities and the issues currently facing public education in Ontario. If elected for another term, I will be dedicated to making our schools safe places for students and staff, to continue to prioritize student academic recovery and mental health, to make programming more accessible and equitable for all students, and to make sure that all of the residents in Ward 3 feel that they can count on me to be a transparent, responsive, and thoughtful trustee. Thank you for your consideration in this election. Please vote! For election related questions, you can find me online on Instagram/Twitter: @mfelix.miller
For HWDSB related questions: mfmiller@hwdsb.on.ca

Larry Pattison -289-309-8507 larry@larrypattison.ca

Born and raised in Hamilton, Larry has demonstrated his commitment to the Hamilton community for decades. From a family of four generations of Stelco workers with deep roots in the lower city, Larry has worked hard to build community through everything he does.  He is a former HWDSB Trustee, MP candidate in #Exln44, and Big Brother, a girls hockey and softball coach, husband, father, and advocate for special education services, Indigenous causes, and small business owners. Larry has dedicated his life to listening to his community and doing everything he can to make their voices heard. Larry is well known for his advocacy, for being a leader in bringing his community together, and for standing up for what he believes in. But it’s not just talk – Larry makes change happen. Whether it’s organizing community events like the Pumpkin Prowl and Icing Anxiety, sitting on the First Nations, Métis and Inuit Community Advisory Committee (FNMI), the Indigenous Education Circle (IEC), or fighting to keep local schools open for kids with disabilities, Larry has proven that he works tirelessly to get the job done. As a representative of our community, Larry will address key areas that are most important to the people that he serves. From mental health, fostering relationships, fiscal responsibility and strengthening the connections and involvement between families, community, and our schools. Larry recognizes the privilege he has had to represent the voices of others; an honour that continues to propel him to bring your issues to the table, to fight without ego or pride, and to help make Hamilton a place of love, hope, understanding, and belonging. We live in polarizing times. We need leadership that embraces a diversity of opinions and seeks to find solutions that build bridges – not divides.


English Separate School Trustee

Ralph Agostino agostinoralph@gmaol.com

Josie Angelini angelinij@rogers.com