1 ● speed misperception
Because of their size, trains appear to be much farther away and travelling much slower than their actual speed. Don’t be fooled!
2 ● trains can’t stop quickly
The average train needs at least 2 km to stop. Trains can stop, but they can’t stop quickly!
3 ● trespassing
Taking a shortcut across the tracks or being on railway property is illegal, and trespassers can be seriously injured or killed.
4 ● weight ratio
An average freight train weighs over 5,500 tonnes. Compare that to a car, which weighs about 1.5 tonnes. A train hitting a car is like a car hitting a pop can.
5 ● railway cars
Stopped railway cars can move at any time. If you’re on one or near one when it moves, you could lose a limb — or worse, your life.
6 ● tunnels and bridges
Tunnels, bridges, and trestles are designed only for trains. Trespassers can be seriously injured or killed.
7 ● overhang
Trains can carry loads that are wider than the railroad cars themselves. They can have chains, straps or other equipment that may extend outside the car. If you are standing too close, you could get hit.
8 ● any time is train time
Trains do not always run on schedule. They can run at any time, on any track and come from either direction.
9 ● cn police number
Together we can help save lives! If you witness any unsafe situation near a railroad, please call 1-800-465-9239.
10 ● safety pledge
Act today. Take the pledge at mysafetypledge.com.