Thank you to all of the residents from Stinson, Gibson and Landsdale that have reached out for support, information, and clarification via  Facebook user can look for updates on Stinson Community Discussion page. It is imperative that we continue to support and develop these community connections.
The 400 Kings St E Mission Services shelter for men will be operational by the end of 2022. Mission Services affirmed at their Sept 21 first meeting with the community, that over the years many parties approached them to propose new locations for their shelter but Core Urban proposal was the first one they were interested in. Before moving forwards, Mission Services contacted the City to consult & secure the financial support for a re-location and expansion of their shelter operation.
Time -line:
Without Missions Services knowledge, Core Urban sought and found a building that did not need a “zoning change” to operate a shelter.
Urban Core found 400 King St E and, unsolicited, contacted Mission Services and proposed 400 King St E. for their new shelter location.

Question 1: What was the date that this first contact took place?
Mission Services bought 400 King St E in May 2022. Before buying 400 King St E, they “consulted” with City Hall to secure financial support.
Question 2: What was the date of first contact between Mission Services and City Hall, prior to the purchase of 400 King St. E.
Q 2.1: Rob Mastroianni? or Staff ? Who handled the case?
Q 2.2: Edward John? or Staff? Who handled the case?
Q 2.3: Ward 3 Councillor Nrinder Nann?  Date of first contact.
Question 3: Who did Mission Services contact at City Hall? Name the various divisions and programs and the individual City Staff persons that were contacted. Name the politicians.
Q 3.1 Name Staff that gave the green light.
Mission Services affirmed during the Sept 21 2022 meeting that “they were not aware” of the “density of high acuity persons” and the brutal increase of social disorder that the area has experienced since 2020. Note that Housing Services Division and Rob Mastroianni and Councillor Nann and all City Hall from Mayor Eisenberger down, were fully aware of the crisis since they have received thousands upon thousands of emails requesting help and remedy from many residents of Stinson/Lansdale.
Question 4: Date City Staff gave the green light for Mission Services to buy 400 King St. E.
Q 4.1: Why did anyone not inform Mission Services of the density crisis in the area?
Question 5: What day in “May 2022” did Mission Services buy 400 King St E.?
Question 6: Who owned the property at the time of purchase?
Question 7: Why did Housing Services Division omit to reveal the address of the new Mission Services shelter for men in the HSD pdf August 2022?
“Its current location on James North near Barton Street has been purchased by local developer Core Urban: the group also behind the renovation of what will become Mission Services’ new home at 400 King Street East.”
Question 8: Date of Core Urban purchase of James North property?

An important take-away from the meeting that was expressed by these impassioned residents was that this is our home. We have the right to question and we should. Ward 3 extends beyond the “Code Red” neighbourhoods defined in Steve Buist’s landmark article in the Spectator. There is room to expand throughout the Ward rather than allowing the concentration of high acuity services in just three neighbourhoods.

In a 2014 article it states that “it takes time to build a healthy neighbourhood”
NEIGHBOURHOODS: A Code Red Project (

More follow up questions will be sent as they arise. Make sure You Ask. Strong voices build strong communities.