By Tanya Bailey

Music is the universal connector to our human experience and the DJ is the conductor of that experience. The fusion of these figurative branches is to bring together the love of good vibes, beautiful people, and quality rhythms in one space of love. In my opinion, the DJ that embraces this vibe in the Hamilton scene is DJ Osito aka Dan Rivera. I had the chance to chat with him before his gig.

DJ Osito is a music lover, art enthusiast, event creator and a DJ. To him, music is life, and is therapeutic. Some of DJ Osito’s musical influences and connections started in his early teenage years, listening, and recording late-night radio shows on Energy 108. His tastes include Classic House, Classic Hip-Hop, Disco House, and early Jungle. DJ Osita also enjoys Punk, Reggae, and some Dancehall. He describes Tech House as the marriage of Techno production and House grooves.

Next, he will be doing Art Crawl nights on James Street North, and you can check him out at Born and Raised. Find him on Instagram to find out about some special announcements in the works.