There’s an exciting new community-led project in Hamilton’s Ward 3: the Landsdale Neighbourhood Inventory! This is one of the first projects for the new non-profit that’s grown out of the Friends of St. Giles ( with a broader focus on reuse and Hamilton’s built environment.

Through this inventory, the project team is looking forward to celebrating the stories, buildings, and streetscapes of this vibrant downtown neighbourhood.

Our project team includes:

  • Dr. Sarah Sheehan, community project lead 
  • Stefan Spolnik, volunteer coordinator 
  • Alissa Golden, City of Hamilton liaison 
  • Our wonderful volunteers!

As a Landsdale resident and chair of this new organization, Dr. Sheehan was proud to introduce the project at the September meeting of the Hamilton Municipal Heritage Committee. You can watch her presentation on Hamilton City Hall’s YouTube channel ( 

This community-led inventory work is guided by city staff and follows the City of Hamilton’s Built Heritage Inventory Strategy. For more information about these inventories, see:

Landsdale’s main development is from the later 19th and early 20th centuries. It has a variety of historic buildings: commercial, institutional, residential, industrial, and places of worship. 

This neighbourhood has a fascinating history and lots of beautiful buildings — reusable resources that are an important part of our built environment. But sadly, Landsdale has only 5 buildings with full or partial heritage protection, including Rebel’s Rock (537 King St. E.) and the former Pearl Company (16 Steven St.). In happier news, the Pearl Company building is being given new life as affordable housing: a great example of how adaptive reuse plays an important role in making sure our neighbourhoods are liveable and environmentally friendly. 

The team welcomes your vintage photos of the area, showing how neighbourhood buildings were used in the past.What surprises could be in store?

Volunteer training happened in September, and survey work is planned for the fall. We look forward to sharing updates on this community project. And if you see one of the inventory’s friendly volunteers on your street, please say hello! 

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