Editorial Assistant

Reports to the Editor
The editorial assistant is a volunteer position and serves to provide support to the Editor to meet the mission and goals of the community newspaper. Specifically, the editorial assistant solicits community input in the form of articles, ensures that regular contributors are reminded of submission deadlines, articles are edited, and that content conforms to standards as set out. A good understanding of the community and of neighbourhood concerns is useful.
• Create and maintain a production calendar to identify deadlines for article and content submission
• Create and maintain an email distribution list of all regular content contributors
• Notify regular contributors of the deadline dates for submission to ensure time for editing and layout and design
• Remind regular contributors if they have not submitted by the deadline
• Edit articles for length, clarity, grammar and to ensure they meet the standards for content as set out
• Communicate with authors as required
• Alert the Editor to potential conflict or controversial content
• Create monthly folders for articles and images on the shared drive
• Upload articles and accompanying images to the shared Google drive in a timely manner
• With the Coordinator, identify potential events or themes for article or issues, e.g. elections, seasonal content, etc. Suggest sources, compile information, etc.
• Co-ordinate editing duties with others
Requires the ability to organize and work within a time line

• Editorial Assistant: Email reminders three times a month to our partners and writers
• Ad Sales: Solicit advertising from the businesses you visit. Pass those contacts on to our email to be followed up on.
• Invoicing: Send out electronic invoices from our accounting system once a month.
• Social Media: Share articles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter periodically throughout the month.
• Delivery: Choose one street or more to drop papers off as early as possible after the first of the month.
• Writers: Share your conversations or experiences with us, bring items of community interest to our attention
• Proof Reading/Editing: There are never enough eyes on an article to ensure the grammar, spelling and content is accurate. We maintain a professional performance standard.

Please contact us at galaherald@gmail.com for details. Our team is small but the rewards are big!