By Linda Benson

The above caption says it all.  Barton Street is my home and I love it here.  Every time I walk along Barton Street, I see something new.  It’s a culturally diverse street, it has its many challenges, its ups and downs, but through it all, Barton Street rises to the challenge.

I think I am going to consider myself a “Bartonite”, self evident as I strut along in my “I love Barton” sweat shirt.

A week ago, the BIA along with many local artists, gave us a small tour of Barton Street, from Sherman to Wentworth Streets.  We got to peer into some empty store front windows, where the artist had instilled, diverse, pieces of life on Barton as it meant to them personally.  Not only did I see their art work, I got to learn about their stories, their struggles, their hopes and I heard of their passions and what Hamilton, specifically Barton Street means to them.

These works of art are on display until December 02.   When you walk the street, you will find a QR code on the window, simply take a photo of this, this way you will learn much more about the artist and their vision for our city.  I did get to speak to a couple of the artists on a more personal level and I have to say, their stories warmed my heart, which is evident as you search their installations, without these stories I may have not truly understood their vision.

Many thanks to the BIA, and the local artists for their incredible gift of art.