On Remembrance Day 2022, members of The Friends of St.Giles met at the site of the World War 1 Memorial Cairn for our observation of The 11th Hour. The damaged cairn was draped with a flag, provided by Janet Long, during the daylight hours.

Located on Holton Avenue South at Main Street in central Hamilton, St. Giles is
a jewel of Neo-gothic architecture in the Gibson-St. Clair neighbourhood.

The War memorial cairn was unveiled on November 13, 1922 by Mary Russeu Bews, mother of the late Acting Bombardier Russell Bews. Her son was killed in action in World War 1 at age 19.

St. Giles is a World War 1 church. Designed by architects Stewart & Witton, the construction was completed in 1913, months before the outbreak of the war.

Individual members of the congregation contributed to the building of the cairn, honouring their fellow congregants who died in the war.
The cairn had a bronze plaque – since removed – bearing the names of nine war dead, including that of Lt.-Col. Stewart, one of the architects. Stewart died in action at Vimy Ridge on April 11, 1917.

In 2018, the St. Giles War Memorial was identified as a heritage attribute, deemed worthy of protection under the Ontario heritage Act.
The Friends of St. Giles note that the Memorial was vandalized while the church was vacant.

We are hopeful that this monument can be restored, preserved and protected in future. The cairn and the original church are an integral part of the cultural heritage landscape of this community. Both an anonymous donor and the Hamilton Veterans Committee support the restoration of this century-old monument

St. Giles World War 1 dead commemorated on the Memorial Cairn:
These Gave Their Lives for Home and Country in the Great War
Russell Bews (1897-1916. AB, CFA)
James Pearson Love (1878-1917. Pvt. CI)
W. Alexander “Alex” Carrington (circa 1900-1918. AS. RCNVR)
Thomas C. Martin (circa 1900-1918. Lt. RAF)
Alexander MacFarlane (circa 1890-1915. LC CI)
William T. Sawle (circa 1890-1918. Lt. CMGC)
Walter Wilson Stewart (1871-1917. Lt-Col. CMGC)
George A. Sweet (circa 1900-1918. Lt. RAF)
Clifford Taylor Woolley (1894-1916. Pvt. 4th CMR)

Submitted by Janice Jackson

For verification of the flag provision by Janet Long.
For verification about donor support and support of the Hamilton Veteran’s Committee, please contact Sarah Sheehan.

Please see attached photos. Photo credit to Janice Jackson