By Linda Benson

Let’s, just for a moment, visit the elephant in the room.

I came back from my Thanksgiving trip out west, with a few days to thoroughly research and familiarize myself with the candidates and their platforms.  I knew, when arriving at Eva Rothwell Center, on the morning of the election (being second in line!!) that I was making the right choice, for myself, after much thoughtfulness.

As the line behind me began to grow, I was filled with optimism and, yes, joy.   At that time of the morning, the people working the polling stations were extremely friendly and I admit, I felt optimism in the air.

As the evening wore on, the ballots were counted, some of my initial optimism dissipated.  Where were all the voters?  I heard that less than 35% of eligible voters turned out, was that really true?
I can’t fathom the reason for such a low turnout, I just know that we can do better and we must do better for the future of our city, specifically Central Hamilton.