By Brenda Duke, Editor

Well friends, it’s the start of a New Year, 2023. We are thrilled that our community newspaper has become a voice for the residents and so welcomed. Each month we continue to grow; more articles, more neighbourhood news and more neighbourhoods wanting to get a copy. We may have to drop “GALA” from our name as we are now delivering in the Stinson, Crown Point and Sherman neighbourhoods!

I want to take this time to reach out and thank each of you that contribute to this publication. We are completely volunteer run and couldn’t do it without you.

Our delivery volunteers ~ whether you do one street, more than one or share with our local shops, you are vital to our success. We hope that you make new friends while you learn about the people and places that make our neighbourhoods special.

Our writers ~ the regulars, who have faithfully walked the streets interviewing people, shared their knowledge of the history of this area and “dug up” secrets to spread beauty and know how. Our readers enjoy learning about it all and trying new ideas. We have writers who have joined us from other areas who share what they are learning as they too fall in love with our area. Some are “new” and are quickly becoming regulars, and some pop in periodically to bring special touches, information and helpful tips.

Our Community Partners ~ these are the service providers that keep us up to date on things that are happening, the where and when to find out about what you need. They keep our readers informed and help us meet our financial needs.

Our business partners ~ the people who continue to fill a need for the residents and spend their hard earned dollars to help us pay the bills. They’ve hung their hat on The GALA HERALD showing faith in our future. Show your spirit by shopping local and helping them to thrive.

Our Publication Team ~ that small but mighty group that keep the wheels turning and move us forward each month. From gathering articles to editing and the final magic that brings it all together, so it can go to print and online, this is the team that makes us possible.

Our Readers ~ where would be without each of you? From the loyal “old guard” who wait for the paper each month to the “new crowd” eager to learn about the place they’ve made their home. We do it for you!

I can’t promise to thank you all in person or in print but I do know that without you and the many, many people that walk the neighbourhood and spread the word we wouldn’t be here today I’m looking forward to a New Year, new possibilities and I want to wish you all a happy, peaceful 2023!