We are pleased to introduce the new Executive Director for 541 Eatery & Exchange, Justin Eisinga! Justin is from the Hamilton area and formerly worked as a Front of House Manager at 541 back in 2017-2018. He has been living in Winnipeg working in a variety of capacities, most recently leading the Spiritual Care team at Concordia Hospital, and has a BA in Sociology and Social Work, formal training in Spiritual Care, and past experience in large and small nonprofits.

Justin will be settling into Hamilton at the end of January before picking up the leadership role in this wonderful and wild place in early February. We’re wishing him safe and smooth travels during his move and are excited to welcome him back to the team. We’re looking forward to working together to continue offering care to the Hamilton community, especially those facing food insecurity and systemic inequities.

We are incredibly thankful for the commitment and dedication of the 541 team who have been managing the work at 541 during the past few months of this transition period without an Executive Director in place and we are excited for 541 as we move into this new chapter!