This Landsdale neighbourhood is a diversified blend of Victorian residential homes, small businesses, social housing apartments and townhomes. The yards are small but there are greenspaces, and small neighbourhood parks nearby.  It is located between Cannon Street and King Street, two main thorough fares that cross our city and are heavily trafficked thoroughfares. The demographics are varied; young families, and seniors, some who have resided in the area for years and newer residents building their futures. Public transit is available to access local shopping in the reviving Barton Village, Elementary and Secondary Schools and Recreation Facilities are convenient and two of the larger parks, Woodlands and Powell offer play areas for a wide range of children and adults.

One corner of the neighbourhood at Cannon and Ashley is changing and we are expecting new residents from Hamilton Urban Core that will offer a much needed Health Centre and a controversial Consumption Treatment Service (CTS). This area is also looking forward to a new Indwell building just a block away that will introduce much needed supportive housing.

Indwell has begun reaching out to the community to get their feedback on what we want to see before they start their build. We are familiar with their projects in our neighbourhood and trust that they will maintain some of the historical features of The Wentworth Baptist Church that has been part of our neighbourhood for over 150 years. Hamilton Urban Core presented us with a final plan of the building they propose and that they have started building. There was no consultation, we didn’t even know they were moving here!

Section 2 of The City’s Site Line Guidelines addresses the public realm and streets, streetscape, heritage, safety and neighbourhood character. This approach will “ensure that new development is integrated with its surroundings and adds to the attractiveness and livability of Hamilton.”

In comparison to the surrounding architecture, you be the judge!