On February 15th, residents joined Indwell to discuss their partnership with Wentworth Baptist Church, and the vision for future developments. The first of planned community consultations, questions and answers were presented on a variety of topics ranging from the demographics of our new neighbours to the retention of historical features of the building, including keeping the trees!

Wentworth Baptist Church has been part of our neighbourhood for over 150 years. An article in our May 2022 issue, GALA is GROWING…. | The GALA Herald – Hamilton Ontario by Pastor Sean McGuire details their history.

Indwell is well known for their innovative ideas around supportive housing, and recognizes the need to ensure their tenants are part of the community. Their ambitious “shovels in the ground” date is 2024, and their dedicated team welcomes your questions and comments.

You can reach out to information@flourish.ca or call 289-919-3187.