Crimes happen every day. Whether minor thefts, automobile accidents, or violent incidents – crime happens. When it occurs we know to call 911, but what happens when you are afraid to get involved or fear that reporting something will land you in hot water? Thankfully, Crime Stoppers is your one stop shop for moments like this. For forty years, Crime Stoppers has been the voice of anonymous tips which are handed over to the police for consideration. Crime Stoppers even offers rewards up to two thousand dollars!

I know what you’re thinking, “Yeah sounds great, but how can someone collect a reward and still remain completely anonymous”. Let me walk you through the steps and show you that it’s easy, quick, and absolutely anonymous at all times!

So you’ve observed a crime or you have heard information that you know Police should have. Crime Stoppers has two methods of communication. The Crime Stoppers web site and the official tip line: 1-800-222-TIPS. These run 24/7.

Next, you either input your tip information online or you speak to a Crime Stoppers associate who will input the tip for you. At no point are you asked for your name or address. Never.

At the conclusion of the tip, you will be provided a Tip ID, for example 160-XXX327, along with a password. This is your personal ID information that no one else will ever possess. It is your responsibility to keep it in a safe spot for your records – if desired. If this is lost, you will never be able to access your tip – this also goes for the staff at Crime stoppers. Furthermore, you will not be able to obtain a potential reward.

Speaking of rewards, how can you collect one if your identity is never collected. Basically, Crime Stoppers will forward your tip to Police. Once they have completed their investigation, they will advise Crime Stoppers if the tip was useful in laying a charge. If yes, then the tip is deemed successful and the tipster will be entitled to a reward. Once the tipster follows up with Crime Stoppers via the web or phone using the original Tip ID, they will be given another private code and a unique set of confidential instructions on where to collect the cash. No names, no addresses, no worries!

That’s it. You just assisted Police and made money as a bonus! As long as you don’t tell anyone, then no one will ever know!

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