Well, we need you! Spend as much time on the job as you feel like doing.
Work when you want—as hard or as easy as you want—you are your own
boss!! Be creative and meet your deadline once every two months.
Compensation: Zero cash money. Benefits: Too numerous to mention.
Ad Sales – ask your local store, someplace you shop or a place that’s new to you.
Invoicing and Financial Reporting – Using our WAVE Accounting program,
send out invoices for ads placed, follow up on payments and report on financial
status monthly.
Layout and Design – work with InDesign to create a twelve page layout once
every two months. Shared responsibility
Journalist/Interviewer – submit your story about a local business, event or
community member or interview an assigned subject.
Managing Editor – gather ideas for content, identify people or places to
interview, collaborate with layout and design to compile the edition.
Editorial Assistant – send out the reminders to our writers and contributors,
follow up on articles and copy, collaborate with the Managing Editor to create
a complete issue.
Proofreader – catch those spelling and grammatical errors before we go to print
so we put our best professional foot forward.
Delivery and Distribution – help us spread the word to your street or
neighbourhood or drop off copies at your local businesses.
Website Updates and Tech Support – help us upload our paper and our articles to
our website and update throughout the publishing period as required.