This year Beautiful Alleys was thrilled to help our schools and youth get involved to Team Up To Clean Up (TUTCU) and Keep Hamilton Clean and Green.

St. Patrick Catholic Elementary School gathered almost 100 of their students, staff and guardians to clean the alleys and streets near their school on Smith Avenue.

The enthusiasm, dedication and smiles spoke volumes for their dedication to participate in the Beautiful Alleys Earth Day cleanup. Beautiful Alleys was pleased to provide supplies from the TUTCU program. To show our appreciation, the school was presented with a Certificate of appreciation by Beautiful Alleys and Catholic School Trustee Josie Angelini.

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St. Ann Catholic Elementary School students have been busy every day working on their project. Back in September, St. Ann CES Students worked with the Daily School Route (DSR) to identify an alley that many students use to walk to school. They noticed that there was a lot of garbage in this alley, and that it wasn’t really student friendly. There were many great ideas, including adding lights for visibility, drawing crosswalks at the intersections with streets, and giving people a place to put their garbage. They decided that a great first step to making this alley Student-friendly would be to clean it and install student artwork.

From April 19-21, students on St. Ann’s Health Action and Leadership Teams used their lunch hour to clean the alleys between Sherman Ave. and Birch Ave. In May, they will install artwork, which was submitted by St. Ann students as part of an art competition for the alley.

To learn more about active transportation at St. Ann, visit:

Beautiful Alleys is always proud to support the efforts of our youth and the schools to take stewardship of their spaces and improve our City. Along with Josie Angelini, Catholic School Board Trustee, we were pleased to present the school and students with a certificate of appreciation. Thank you!