By Brenda Duke

Located at 597 Barton Street East, it is literally right on the corner of Barton and Birch. Peter Bekhit, RPH has been licensed for over 10 years and recently took over the long established Medical Pharmacy.

The pharmacy can fill any prescription drug order at the best price, offers compounding services and any over the counter medicines, often at cost to existing customers.  They provide fast and free delivery city wide.

Peter and his staff, Daniela and Tenisha are friendly and helpful and Ian, who does the delivery, will always make you smile! Since moving into our neighbourhood just a month ago, they have already become ingrained in the community.

Personally, I have found them to be open and willing to answer my questions, they remind me when I forget to order my medications and keep me in line.

If you are looking to support our local Barton Street services I recommend you give them a call at 905-527-2930 to see how they can help you.