By Brenda Duke

There is no way to express our appreciation for the support we received during our Earth Day Spring Cleanup.

Some were done during the week by St. Patrick, St. Ann Catholic Elementary Schools, and Académie Mere-Theresa, the French Catholic High School on the Mountain. As always, our biggest challenge is the weather and it really tried to beat us on Saturday, April  the 22nd, with continuous rain. So many people showed up even in the rain, and those who didn’t were out with their teams on Sunday and Monday.

Our numbers show that we exceeded our record!

  • Total volunteers: 807
  • 14 neighbourhoods, schools, churches, 3 BIAs’, Girl Guide Groups across the City
  • Total Bags: 1000+
  • Total Weight in Bins: 1477 Pounds

This couldn’t happen without the support of our sponsors:

  • Team Up To Clean Up: hundreds of bags and gloves
  • Waste Management Staff: extended hours to gather up our treasures
  • Ward 3 Office: financial support for volunteer luncheon
  • Ward 2 Office: financial support for volunteer luncheon
  • Metrolinx: worked alongside CP staff with Corktown and Stinson and financed the cost of the disposal bin
  • Canadian Pacific Rail: Staff and equipment to keep us safe plus coffee and donuts

So many people, organizations and groups to thank!

We want to give special mention to FastBin for their continued support over the years. They make it so easy. If you need disposal and want excellent service, definitely check them out.

FastBin – Hamilton Disposal Bin Company

And of course, we always welcome volunteers back to the Powell Park Clubhouse to enjoy lunch and share stories. Macy’s Food Mart on Cannon Street is our go-to pizza place. Call them at 905-312-8226 for quality food and great prices.

Please visit our website and follow us on Facebook at (2) Beautiful Alleys | Facebook  for updates and to see our ever growing community in action.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 30th so we can get together again to Team Up to Clean up!