You’ve probably seen her around the neighbourhood, and a lot of other neighbourhoods from the North End to the Mountain, riding her bike, delivering the GALA Herald, helping at events, planting flowers and generally just about everywhere.

Many of you know her as “the lady in the alley”. For years, she was the steward of Westmill Alley and was instrumental in planting the flower beds, cleaning up the garbage and arranging for the art work and the sky blue concrete wall that lines the alley.

Some of you might have seen her at the Beautiful Alleys and Track Gang cleanups; “the go-getter that never stops” a real life Energizer Bunny. Or, at the Keith Community Garden building gardens and helping out, she might have been the “Snow Angel” that cleared your sidewalk in the winter.

She was everywhere and everywhere she went, she made a difference. My heart stopped the day she told me she was sick. Typically, as was her nature, it was near the end with no tears, no regrets and after she had taken care of all of her affairs. She spent her last days at Emanuel House under the wonderful care of the staff there with her children nearby.

I am forever grateful for the friendship she showed me and her dedication to making our city a better place. We’ve tried to honour her in a way she would appreciate. If you come across a garden with a small sign, please stop and say a thank you.

“Thank You Kinga Bobula ~ Spreading Beauty and Sunshine wherever you go”