By Nathaniel Finestone

“I think Emily Henry might be our generation’s answer to Nora Ephron” Sophie Cousens on Book Lovers

“A well thought out, well paced romance which hits all the rights notes. A solid debut that makes me want to pick up her subsequent works.” Nathaniel Finestone

This Time next year by Sophie Cousens

I really liked this book. Though I have to admit I’m biased because for a lot of it I felt like they took the advice I gave last months read. For those who don’t remember that advice was that it would have been smoother if the characters knew each other already at the start and didn’t have to spend so much introducing themselves, which they do here.

This Time Next Year begins in a more innocent time, back in the long long ago of December 31, 2019 where we meet our destined-to-be couple Minnie Cooper and Quinn Hamilton at a New Year’s party; though they’re both with other people at the time, of course.

We learn as the novel goes on, through flashbacks and oblique references, how these two people born on the same day, side by side, have been living parallel lives; each full of complicated relationships with their parents, school mates, and the world at large. They each struggle in different ways yet share an uncanny connection. For the sake of the novel this connection manifests through almost magical happenstance but I found a very real ‘opposites attract’ kind of vibe between the characters that I’m sure the author intended.

If you’re into modern romance and looking for a fun read, I’d give this one a recommend.