Our community paper has been well received and requested beyond the Gibson and Landsdale neighbourhoods. We have requests for copies in Crown Point, Stinson, Stipley, Sherman and the Keith neighbourhoods. We are printing 4500 copies now and getting requests for more.

Our financial stability relies on our advertising income, community partner support and donations.

And now, we need your help. Costs have increased just as we’ve grown. Our advertising support that we relied on in the past has dropped. That means that we are working on a month to month basis.

Our small volunteer publication team works tirelessly to find and publish the news but we could use more people. We are all active in our jobs and community and our time is limited. We have ideas for fund raising but no help to do it.

We know that The GALA Herald is appreciated by our readers across the lower city.

We hope that you continue to support us. Your donation, whether small or large allows us to continue to bring the news of the community to the community. You can e-transfer your support to galaherald@gmail.com