Trevor McKenna, Crime Stoppers Coordinator

Summer is in full tilt and many of us are flocking to beaches, gyms, and Recreation centers to manage our summer bodies. Unfortunately, Hamilton currently is experiencing a rash of locker room thefts at these facilities.

How does it work:

Thieves enter the locker room and scout out the lockers that are not secured by locks. They then target keys and use the fobs to locate the vehicle in the lot. From there, they steal the vehicle and use it for other crimes – some of which are violent.

So what can you do to so you don’t become a victim?

1 – Start by leaving unnecessary valuables at home when going to the gym or recreation centers.

2 – Bring a lock with you so that whatever you do bring is protected

3 – Don’t leave valuables in your car, especially in plain sight and lock your car doors.

4 – Call police or Crime Stoppers if you see anything that appears criminal in nature. 

There’s no reason why someone would need to open multiple locker doors or spend more time in the change room than they do on the gym floor itself. If you see something that triggers your gut instincts – then it’s worth the call!

At Crime Stoppers, you remain completely anonymous and could earn a reward of up to $2000 dollars. We don’t subscribe to caller ID and we never ask your name or information. 

Have a safe and happy end of the summer. 

As always Hamilton, Stand up Stand Together.