By Brenda Duke

I have had the opportunity to be part of The Superintendent’s Advisory Committee for Division One Support held by The Hamilton Police Service. I realize in these days of controversy surrounding HPS, you may feel inclined to ignore this information, but it does have value. It is attended by members of the community and representatives of the City, BIA’s and our Crime Managers.

HPS operates many programs designed to support the community and deal with the ongoing issues we face during these challenging times.  You may have heard of some of them.

Lock It or Lose It

Chain Reaction – a community led program

POP Project – a stats driven program

The HEAT Team

These are only a few and we will try to expand on them in future issue.

One of the most valuable tools that citizens of Division 1 have is our Crime Managers. These officers are our front line Division One Support for immediate response to questions or concerns we have in our neighbourhoods. They are Sergeants Alex Buck, Cory Gurman and Azim Butt. They can be reached through 905-546-4925.

If you haven’t heard it drilled into your head enough, we need to REPORT ALL CRIMES! Non-violent crimes or non-emergency crimes can be reported on-line at Non-Emergencies | Hamilton Police Service or call 905-546-4925. These reports help identify areas that may need more surveillance; theft from vehicles, porch pirates, attempted breakins. Will the police always come out? NO, but they will call or follow up. We have 829 officers and 414 civilians protecting the population of over 500, 000 residents of Hamilton.

One of the many areas of interest in all neighbourhoodss is the statistics on crime. These statistics are offered to each Ward Councilor but are not shared with us. We are working on having those available to everyone. The Stinson neighbourhood were provided their’s and I have general numbers for Ward 3. If you’d like to have your statistics published, you can request them from your Crime Manager and forward them to

Stinson Statistics for the months of July and August, 2023

July 2023 Assaults 6 August 2023 Assaults 5
  Auto Theft 1   Auto Theft 0
  Beak and Enter 2   Robbery 1
  Theft from Auto 5   Theft from Auto 0
Stinson is operating well within the expected range of calls for Service for 2023

Overall the crime statistics for Ward 3 are:

Traffic Crimes – Down

Property Crimes – Up

The statistics for Woodlands Park during the encampments were up:

Violent Crimes – 233%

Calls for Service – 182%

Occurrences – 150%

I ask that you look at this information with an open mind, check the website Hamilton Police Service | To Serve & Protect in Partnership with Our Communities for detailed information or contact the main office and our crime managers. As in every service or job, there are good and not so good but the mandate of Hamilton Police Services is to Serve and Protect in Partnership with Communities.