By Brenda Duke

November is a special time of remembrance. For some of us, it’s epic moments, or small ones that touched our personal lives. For some, it’s achievements or events that changed our lives. And always, no matter our age or connection to the past, we remember those who fought and brought us to where we are in history.

For me, GALA has many memories that shaped my path in life, brought me sweet accomplishments, some bitter moments and blessed me with many friends and acquaintances.

Our busy October was capped with our first ever Halloween Event on October 28th and we’ll have updates in the next edition. The one thing that I will mention is that we can’t function without volunteers and sometimes those are very few. Any time you can give makes a difference.

That is true for every endeavor we undertake and the results or lack of, sometimes lead to hard decisions. Our small publication team, the lack of advertising income and support has brought us here.

The GALA Herald will continue but after our December Holiday issue, we will be moving to an online only format. In a way, it is disappointing since we are one of the few community papers that still offer print. We made the decision to move to Master Web Printing last March prior to Metroland closing. We hope to use the next few months to look into options that will help us be financially sustainable. If you have ideas, please share. If you have time, please help. Our goal is to be back in print by spring 2024. You can still find our community news at

Traditionally, we hold a Holiday pot luck at our December meeting and you are invited to share your favourite recipe or come and try ours. The December meeting will be held on December 2, 2023 at Powell Park Clubhouse from 10am to noon. See you there!