By Brenda Duke

GALA had a banner year! We started off our monthly meetings again in March with a robust and interested group of neighbours and community partners. Sadly, attendance fell off a bit over the next few months. A busy schedule meant that I wasn’t always able to hold a meeting but anyone can take over that on a regular or random basis. It’s 2 hours of your time and means so much to our community.

One of the things, our survey identified was the request for more community events. We tried hard to meet that expectation and introduced our first annual Halloween Event. It was a resounding success attracting over 100 children and families. Building on that, we received some unexpected funding and thought “what can we do? “ Thanks to ideas from a few of ur committed volunteers, we decided to host Santa at our Holiday GALA meeting. We partnered with 541 Eatery and are able to do Breakfast with Santa. We believe that engaging our children is the path to creating memories that will enrich their lives. We’d like to do more so please bring your ideas and your time to creating future for our neighbourhood.

Not all ventures are positive and even with increased interest in our community paper we cannot sustain it financially to publish in print without ad and sponsorship support. We’ll continue to publish online over the next few months while we brainstorm ideas and build our publication team.

Like you, I have made this promising neighbourhood my home and I love it. The potential is limitless and the possibilities are many. Let’s continue our work in the New Year to make GALA neighbourhoods safe and vibrant communities built on invested residents.

Thank you to each and every one who have helped us on this journey.

Memories of 2023