So you’ve sleepily awoken close to Barton Street East somewhere between Ferguson and Sherman, which makes you instantly qualified for a coffee in our BIA!

But where to find your next hot cup of Joe (and fast), you ask?

In this first Barton Village BIA column back in the GALA Herald we’ve put together a handy list that will help get you and your friends re-caffeinated in no time.

  • Pinch Bakery & Plant Shop: Classic drip coffee using local Detour beans and served in gorgeous ceramic mugs if you’re there to stay, also vegan hot chocolate available!
    • 183 Sherman Ave N, open Wed-Sun; drink-in/to-go
  • Hendry’s Barbershop: New addition of pour-over brew, hot and ready for those getting a cut outside of beer o’clock hours!
    • 661 Barton St E, open Thur-Sat; drink-in only (for now)
  • L.A. Café & Bar: Serving up a mean espresso to go with some pub grub!
    • 660 Barton St E, open most days; drink-in
  • 541 Eatery & Exchange: Drip & specialty coffees (Detour) with pay-it-forward buttons to ensure everyone who asks gets a deserved cuppa. Bags of beans also for sale!
    • 541 Barton St E, open Tues-Sat 8-2; drink-in/to-go
  • Motel Restaurant: Drip & specialty coffees, whether you’re staying for a fancy brunch or grabbing a cup for the road!
    • 359 Barton St E, open 7 days a week 10-3; drink-in/to-go
  • Barton Salumeria: Drip & specialty coffees (Detour), plus an ‘Up All Night’ espresso martini for those burning the midnight oil in style!
    • 357 Barton St E, open from 7am Tues-Sat; drink-in/to-go
  • Helping Hands Street Mission: Complimentary (free) drip coffee served to neighbourhood friends with a healthy dose of Barton community love!
    • 349 Barton St E, open Mon, Wed, Fri from 1-4pm; drink-in/to-go
  • Crêpe Verlan: Elegant French-press coffee using beans from local roasters Vintage, with bags of beans for sale too!
    • 304 Barton St E, Wed-Sun from 10-4; drink-in/to-go
  • Comma Café: Your choice of pour-over, specialty, or cold brew coffee using direct-trade beans from Nemesis in Vancouver!
    • 301 Barton St E, Tues-Sun from 8:30-3; drink-in/to-go

Coming Soon:

  • Crumbled: With a new espresso machine they’ll be serving up the good stuff alongside their already-decadent treats!
    • 339 Barton St E, open except on Tuesdays; drink-in/to-go
  • Bean & Bagel Café: Drip, iced, and specialty coffees (made with Nespresso) to go with your custom bagel!
    • 304 Victoria Ave N, hours TBA

Make at home:

  • Barton Lettuce: Selling Hamilton’s Manchester Coffee beans by the bag!
    • 337 Barton St E, open 7 days a week
  • Duarte’s Supermarket: Surprisingly good selection of instant coffee alternatives made with roasted barley and chicory for those seeking a delicious decaf!
    • 417 Barton St E, open Mon-Sat 8-5

We hope this guide helps steer you towards sipping locally and making #BartonBelievers out of all of us, one good cup at a time!